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Design your own T-Shirt with our T-Shirt Designer

Designing your own custom t-shirt with our T-Shirt Designer is as easy as 1-2-3. Choose from over 150 products to print on and search through our ever-growing Marketplace of over half a million designs to make your items exactly the way you want them. Create t-shirts, custom hoodies, hats, jackets, accessories—we’ve got it all. Follow these simple steps to create your own customized clothing collection:

1. Choose your own T-Shirt (Hoodie or Other Clothing) to Customize

To make your own clothing, click on the “Choose Product” tab on the left of the T-Shirt Designer toolbar. In the box below, you will find our entire product range. You can then browse through the wide variety of customized t-shirts, custom tank tops, hoodies and accessories like the new custom iPhone 5 cases. All of our products are customizable.

Clicking the “Select Category” drop down will help you narrow the field by gender, accessories and new products. Clicking the “Size” and “Color” drop downs help you further narrow the field. Color can also be chosen by clicking on your preferred color box in the bottom right-hand corner of the T-Shirt Designer.

2. Create your own T-Shirt with Unique Designs

To design your own gear, click on the “Choose Design” tab in the T-Shirt Designer toolbar. In the box below, you will find a search field to search for specific designs, a drop down to filter by category and a 5X5 grid with thumbnails of our more popular designs. The tools at the bottom of the box allow you to scroll between the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ page of designs.

Click on a design and it will appear centered on your product. If you want the design somewhere other than the front of your chosen product, use the product image boxes on the right side of the T-Shirt Designer to toggle between the front, the back and the sleeves (if applicable) of your product. *We cannot print on ALL areas of ALL products, so only printable areas are shown.

Note: designs and images, once applied to your product, can be adjusted using the buttons in each of the four corners of the image box. The north, south, east, west arrow button moves your images up, down, left and right within the allotted printing area. The circular arrow button rotates your images on a 360 degree axis. The diagonal arrows increase or decrease the size/area your image covers within the allotted printing area. The garbage can button removes the image from your product.

3. Make Your Own T-Shirt with Personalized Text

To make your own T with personalized text, click on the “Add Text” tab in the T-Shirt Designer toolbar. The text tool box will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the T-Shirt Designer. It works like most word processors. You can choose from 29 fonts in the font drop down. You can BOLD or italicize your text using the respective bold and italicize buttons to the right of the font drop down.

Underneath is the font size drop down. Here you can change how largely your text is displayed. Below the font size drop down are the left, center and right align toggles. In the vertical toolbar to the right, you can change your text’s color, center your text horizontally, place your text in the middle of your product and flip your text vertically and horizontally.

*note: the vertical toolbar functions work with the designs, as well.